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“We are pleased with NewCal’s commitment to the project. Site conditions, phasing, economy and multiple licensing agencies have made this one of the most difficult projects that I have been involved with. Once again, NewCal has stepped up to the task and have demonstrated that they do more than just cookie cutter construction projects.”
Client letter dated 6/30/10

“It has been a satisfying and rewarding experience working with your construction company. . . the communication was excellent with timely reports, budgets, scheduling, plans and coordination. The work was all done in a workman like manner with excellent management of subcontractors and immediate response to our questions, concerns and requests for change orders.”
Client letter dated 1/27/04

“Regarding NewCal Construction and the building they recently completed for us. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Leo Sitarek and NewCal Construction. They gave us a very competitive bid and completed the project in less than the required time.”
Client letter dated 4/12/90